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Your College Planning Team!

We are here, to help make sure you are ready when it’s time for your child or grandchild to head off to college. When it comes to navigating the frustrating and confusing maze of the college funding process, there just isn’t a lot of help available to families, and quite frankly, not many live resources available that will “throw you a lifeline”. As a parent of 2 children that navigated through the process (graduated in 4 years), I feel your pain! Current statistics tell us this; the price tag at a four-year college or university can range anywhere from $19,000 to $70,000+ per year, and the average family has more than one college-bound child, and 56% of students enrolling at a four-year institution will take nearly six years to graduate!

As the cost and demand for a higher education continues to escalate, it is more urgent than ever for families to have a properly structured plan in place to ensure they; identify and choose the “right fit” school, can manage the cost in a comfortable manner, and effectively utilize every available strategy for their specific family situation to ensure they don’t overpay for college. While it’s true that if you are willing to spend hours and hours of your time over many months reading publications, visiting websites, and doing research, you can “figure this out” yourself. The big question, however, is when it’s all said and done, how will you ever know if you made the “Best” decisions or utilized every available strategy to lower costs or navigated the system well enough to take advantage of all options that were available to your family and student(s)?


How could you know?

You don’t know what you don’t know… but with all due respect, we do” and with a decision of this magnitude that can so dramatically affect you and your student’s financial well-being, is it honestly something you want to attempt to “figure out” as you go, or might a better option be to consider seeking professional help (like many do with a CPA for your taxes or an attorney for your wills and estate plans), to ensure success.

We’re a leading resource for families in providing college funding solutions. We have developed several partnerships with a combined support staff of hundreds of true professionals in their chosen fields. All facilitating Prosperity College Planning Solutions mission to assist families, and make college planning a surprisingly pleasant and affordable, as much as possible experience. We look forward to being of service.   


Retirement: take steps to make it a reality!

Everyone dreams of the day they no longer have to go to work because they "have to". For countless Americans, retirement may not be an option without serious lifestyle consequences. Don't let yourself become one of those people. Let us help you make a plan. Our team will be with you every step of the way. We can help make certain your plan stays up to date and give you simple steps to execute your dreams!


Taxes: a yearly battle!

We take a full spectrum approach to help you manage your tax burden. Our team can work with you to help get a full understanding of your tax situation. You don't have to be a tax expert. We can help you fill in the blanks. Our sound investment and tax mitigation strategies have freed up resources for our clients. These additional resources are a great way to improve and ensure your retirement or college plans get additional funding!


Questions? We have your answers!

Are you looking for some general knowledge to get you started? We have assembled a set of our most frequently asked questions. This can be a great starting point for gaining knowledge. This may help you understand what questions are important to ask during your consultation with our team.

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